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Bombay Hunter

Never forgive the bad ones.

Tsukiyono Omi
29 February
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Basic Information

Name: Tsukiyono Omi - 月夜野臣
(tsuki = moon; yo = night; no = field; omi = (royal) retainer, subject)
Series: Weiß Kreuz
Real Name: Takatori Mamoru
Weiß Code Name: Bombay
Time Taken From: Before the end of Kapitel,
some time around the Kinugawa mission.
Serial Number: 0612
Housing: 4A
Roommate(s): Joshua Christopher, Riku
Weapon: Darts, Throwing Knives, Bow Gun
Image Flower: Freesia
Height: 163cm (about 5'4")
Blood Type: O
Age: 17 physically. (He celebrated his 18th birthday in Sigil.)
Hair & Eyes: Blonde; Blue
Birthday: February 29
Hobbies: Internet
Likes: Elderly people
Dislikes: Foolish adults and celery

Character Background

> Omi is the youngest (and first) member of third-generation Weiß, a group of assassins run by Persia of the Kritiker organization.

> Omi was kidnapped as a small child and was rescued by Persia when Takatori Reiji refused to pay for his ransom. Persia gave him the name “Tsukiyono Omi” and placed him in Weiß.

> Being a technical expert, he is the intelligence of the group and is in charge of gathering information and research for missions, developing the profiles of their targets, and performance management of the team. Omi is the official leader of Weiß.

> He originally did not remember his life before becoming involved with Kritiker and most of his childhood had been blanked out.

> As missions and events related to the Takatori family (central figures in underground crime) occurred, Omi began to remember his past and discovered that he was actually Takatori Mamoru, the youngest son of Takatori Reiji who’s whereabouts were unknown.

> Omi’s discovered past brought him major grief (and angst) as he internally debated on where his loyalties should lie. The revelation of Omi being a Takatori also strained his relationship with his group members - particularly Aya, who’s family had been destroyed because of Reiji. He decided in the end, however, that he was not Takatori Mamoru, but Tsukiyono Omi, and that his biological family were to be stopped from spreading evil and corruption.

> Omi is a high-school student and works at a flowershop called "Koneko no Sumu Ie" ("Kitten in the House"), which is also headquarters for Weiß, the basement serving as their mission room.

> His weapons of preference are projectiles - (poisoned) darts, throwing knives, bow guns, crossbows, etc. He has great aim, precision, and agility.

> He had just gone to sleep after a tiring mission before appearing in Sigil.


Compassionate x Machiavellian x Determined

Omi has a very approachable character - he’s kind, considerate, and always willing to assist or listen to others’ problems, despite having his own to deal with. He is known for his optimism, which is what keeps him going through hard times, and nearly always has a friendly smile on his face. However, Omi smiles to cover up his personal anguish and loneliness as well. He is also often underestimated or misjudged due to his sunny disposition. Despite his overall genuineness, there is a level of him that is more than capable of being deceitful, secretive, and manipulative. He can also be a very dangerous opponent and though his views have been shaken in the past, he has a strong sense of justice and his resolve is fixed.

Let this be his character note: It is hard to tell just how much of his guise is for show and how much is his actual Tsukiyono Omi persona.


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This journal is for RP purposes over at sigil_rp. Omi is played by marlyg.

Note: If you want to log or plot with Omi, feel free to send him a message or leave the mun a note on AIM (S/N: RPMarLyG).

Current RP Status: Inactive.

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